Graflex with Kodak Aero Ektar #2
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Graflex with Kodak Aero Ektar #2 || Nikon D300 | 50mm F/1.8 D | 1/160 sec | F/1.8 | ISO 200
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The monster combo: one of the Kodak Aero Ektar F/2.5 178mm lenses mounted on my Graflex Speed Graphic. These lenses were used on aeroplanes (such as B-17, B-24 or P-38) in reconnaissance missions during World War II. My lens was manufactured in 1944, it needs some cleaning but looks quite good. Big, heavy and beautiful. :)

The reason why I bought it is the incredibly shallow depth-of-field when used wide open (F/2.5!!), the sharpness and the amazing bokeh of this lens. Stay tuned, I will post some test shots soon…

Check out David Burnett’s portfolio and pictures tagged with aero ektar on flickr for great images with this lens.

Other news: is on twitter now, follow me there too!

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