Staring into the distance
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Staring into the distance || Zeroimage 4x5 | F/176 | Kodak E100VS - developed in B&W chemicals
This was the first time I developed color slide film in black and white chemicals. I thought it’s b&w film in the holder and developed the film like I usually develop Foma sheet films (Fomadon R09, 1+100, 24 minutes, 20°C). I was quite surprised when I opened the developing tank and realized it’s not b&w film inside but the final results were fine. Lucky me.

Taken on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (April 24, 2011).

April 27, 2011 | zeroimage 4x5 | Tags: , , ,
It's Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day tomorrow
Blinded by the light
Staring into the distance
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