Gone fishin'
Three balloons
Backyard stories
Seaside stories
Early spring
Foggy morning on the Danube #2
Foggy morning on the Danube
Trapped under polaroid
Forever in bloom
Planting seeds (with one eye open)
Butterfly with broken wings
Benjamín & Fran
Andy & Alfonso
The 'cute camera'
My Yashica Mat in action
The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything
Chain Bridge
Bye summer, bye #2
Bye summer, bye
The only way to survive this heat
Stara Baska
Habsburghaus, Rax
UOO (Unidentified Orange Object)
Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2012
WPPD 2012
Munich abstracts #2
Empty house, lonely tree
Have a seat #2
Have a seat
Frozen harbor
The hole
Waiting for a miracle
Solar storm
Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash
Not this year
Abstract with grass and wall
Quiet winter days in the Somló wine region #2
Quiet winter days in the Somló wine region
January 22
May the centrifugal force be with you
Merry Christmas
Dirty dog & lazy cat